Documenting the Years Through Photography

Friends.  This is why I do what I do.  

I get to document families as they change throughout the years.  I get to photograph my clients’ kiddos as they grow from newborns to young children.  I get to document a family’s story through photography and tie it together through art.

What an incredible job.

So what is so great about doing this?  Well I know that my work will be valued and appreciated long after I am gone, because my work is what will remain.


I can’t thank my friend, Stefanie, enough for choosing to work with me not once – but twice a year to photograph her beautiful girls (and family, too!)  As I prepare for our next session together in late-March, I had to look back to see what we’ve done together through the last seven years.  So I invite you to go back to the beginning with me, when big sister was first born…

Her excitement over her soon-to-be little sister is priceless.

Hmmm…I wonder what they’re thinking about?  Well the spaceship (US Bank Stadium) had just landed, so perhaps that?

Isn’t it fun to see how much kiddos change each season?  So many incredible memories all documented for my friend, Stefanie, today, here children tomorrow, and future generations.  And so I challenge you to find a great photographer and let her document your family throughout the years.  And not just every few years for a Christmas cards, but for each year.  Do this for you.  Do it for your family.  They will thank you.

Sweet girls, I am so looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!  Our next session will be outdoors, so we are hoping for mild Minnesota winter weather (30+ degrees would be great!)  And a bit of fresh snow would be perfect with evergreen trees, a vintage sled and a cozy blanket, don’t you think?


**Fellow photographers, if you are looking for non-functional/dead railroad tracks, Bandana Square in St. Paul is great!  Safety for your clients and yourself ALWAYS comes first.  Never photograph on live tracks.


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