Family Lake Fun | Up North

Every few years I share a little bit of my family’s fun at the lake.  This year was stacked with fun!  Along with the usual lake activities – boating, skiing, kayaking, SUPing, s’mores, camper-ing, and lumber-jacking – this year we had gigantic bubbles (seriously like the world’s largest), the great solar eclipse (and a telescope to see it!), a jet ski, and a fairy garden trail (kid-sized, of course)!

I told you these were gigantic!!!

Mom’s rhubarb slush – now this tastes like summer!

Taxi-ing along the beach with uncle.

My mom always has ingredients for gourmet s’mores on hand.

My favorite? Chocolate grahams with orange dark chocolate.

Always “big” toys to play with when my dad is around!

They love peeking out this window!

I love being able to photograph our family’s life and times together.  I know that in the years and decades to come, we will look back on these photographs with fond memories of “Remember when…” and “I’m so glad we…”

And so I encourage you to pick up your camera and document your family’s next adventure.

Your family will thank you.  I guarantee it 🙂

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