Newborn Session Prep

Diaper  Please loosen your baby’s diaper at least 30 minutes before to the session. This reduces diaper imprints on skin.

Awake = Asleep  Please keep baby awake 1-2 hours before the session. This will help ensure we get some sleepy photographs of baby 🙂

Feeding  Please plan to feed baby right before the session. This will help ensure baby has a full tummy and is content. There is time built into the session for feeding throughout.

Pacifier  Please bring a pacifier.

Length  Sessions can last between 1-3 hour depending on baby’s needs. Patience and relaxation through the session are encouraged!

Temperature  Please bump up the temperature of your home several hours before the session (about 80 degrees) so baby is comfortable. Please wear comfy clothes.

Siblings  If siblings will be included in the photographs, please let me know before your session. They will be photographed first. Because newborn sessions can get long, please have another parent with to care for siblings when they are done being photographed.

Poo Happens  And I’m totally used to it 🙂 For some images your baby may be diaperless. It’s natural and expected that blankets and wraps will get soiled.

Props  I have a lovely collection of natural and sweet backdrops, bonnets and props. If you have something special you would like to include in a photograph of your baby, please let me know before your session and I’ll make sure to incorporate it.

Safety  Safety is always first. I ask that a parent is always near baby and actively involved in the session.

What to Wear  Simple, natural and neutral are always best. Long-sleeved or sleeveless knit tops for mom, and short-sleeved knits for dad are a great choice. Neutral colors for mom, dad and siblings are also best. This could include a soft pink or light blue for siblings. Please have two options for each family member in the event of soiling.