Why I Sell Prints

Why do I sell prints?

Great question!

First, I love that they are tangible.  You can hold them.  You can display them.  You can give them as gifts.

Second, I love that prints preserve memories and can be seen and enjoyed every day when displayed in your home. Images in the cloud, on a hard drive, or on a disc/usb in a drawer are NOT SEEN.  They sit there for someday.  Someday I’ll print these…someday I’ll make an album…  That someday is now, friends.  Enjoy your family’s images through a beautiful display of wall art that you can enjoy every day.

Third, children love prints. When they see an image of themselves, it helps reinforce that they are important and belong. Prints can boost confidence and remind children that they are loved.

Photos displayed as art. Framed fine art black and white print in a champagne Hollywood wood frame.

Photos displayed as art. Keepsake box, fine art print, mini albums.

And finally, I love that prints can be passed down from generation to generation because they don’t change – unlike technology.


The words below from photographer Missy Mwac (Facebook 12.6.16) made me smile – because they are so true!

“You must save them to a floppy disk, they said. And so I did. And then they stopped making floppy disks.

You must NOW save them to a CD or DVD, they said. And so I did. And then they stopped making CD drives.

You must NOW save them to a hard drive or USB, they said. And so I did. And then the hard drive failed to open and the USB drive read empty.

You must NOW upload them to the cloud, they said. And so I did. And there they sit until the next thing comes along.

Meanwhile the print over the fireplace looks down and smiles, and the family photo albums on the bookshelf nudge each other and giggle.”


Below are some of the beautifully printed photographs I have had the privilege of creating for my clients this month.

Looking at them just makes me so happy – and I know my clients are loving seeing photographs of their family displayed in their homes!

Above: 33×21 gallery canvas; 24×20 framed fine art print flanked by sets of 8×10 fine art prints.

Below: 8×10 framed fine art canvas, set of 3 mini albums and keepsake box.

Below: framed 20×16 gallery canvas, two 24×20 and two 16×20 framed fine art prints, keepsake box, 10×8 fine art print and set of 3 mini albums.

If you are interested in creating a photo gallery wall from a session with me, I would love to help you plan it.

For ideas and inspiration, please check out my Art Portfolio as well as the Frame Collection Product Guide, and then reach out here.

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